Why GE?

In short, Global Encounter is an idea; an idea that two guys can walk away from the status quo to experience something more. Global Encounter is more than a trip around the world and more than a vacation.

This is an adventure, purposeful and intentional, to engage cultures and peoples that we may gain invaluable perspective. Our motivation for helping others while on this journey is not about feeding our egos or feeling good, but rather that we may be transformed by the richness of the people we will share these experiences with.

Global Encounter will be a challenging journey—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. While the thought is quite daunting, an opportunity like this doesn’t come around often. To travel to some of the most exotic places on the planet and interact with very different people with your best friend is an experience that must be seized while it can be.

But Global Encounter, doesn’t just involve the two of us. It involves all the people we’ll encounter along the way: the taxi driver from the airport to the hostel, the other backpackers on the trail, the fisherman at the market, and most importantly, you.

We are inviting you in to our experience. To come along with us, to be challenged with us, to be changed with us.

We are asking you to involve yourself in this journey. To play a part in what will surely be a pivotal part of our lives and hopefully the lives of many others. That’s what will make this meaningful, a tribe of people engaging in an interactive journey around the world to encounter so many different places, so many different cultures, and so many different people.